Website's subdomain is not accessible from Russia

My website is not accessible from Russia and therefore Yandex bots cannot crawl it. However only www subdomain is affected from it. Requests to works fine, however anything to does not. Initially we noticed this as Yandex not being able to crawl and then we tested with using Proxies from Russia on some IPs, is not accessible whereas is. Since it is only a subdomain issue, I suspect Cloudflare is blocking some IP ranges.

We had a similar problem on previous day. This time it was not accessible from Turkey. At the end of our tests, we realized that from two of the 3 main telco operators in Turkey could not be reached to the our platform. Only from one was reaching. There was nothing we can do! The problem resolved itself after 24 hours!

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Hi @gokhancelikkaya,

I believe you have also opened a ticket on this trouble.
Let us follow up on the ticket.

Thank you.

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