Website's soap calls only work with Cloudflare DNS only (stops working when you orange cloud)


We have a website that uses a single-sign on for our members. This single-sign on process makes a soap call to a webservice on the IIS front-end. Before 7/16/2018, it was working. Since that day, we’ve had to only use Cloudflare for our site as DNS only (grey cloud). Whenever we turn on (orange cloud) the site, single-sign on logins do not work.

A colleague of mine reached out to Cloudflare support the week of 7/16/18 and he was told that there were no changes in Cloudflare.

Cloudflare has been set to DNS only since then. With our Business plan, there’s little to know what happens whenever cloudlfare is enabled for our site. Is there a more detailed list of updates or changes in Cloudflare other than in

All I can think of that is different when we enable Cloudflare is that the site uses the Universal SSL cert. Now with Cloudflare set to DNS only, it uses it’s own server cert. However, all this was working before 7/16/18.

We’ve tried going through and enabling/disabling certain Cloudflare settings but it just refuses to work under Cloudflare.

Any help is appreciated.



Are events logged in the web application firewall when a user tries to log on when orange clouded?


No events logged in the WAF


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