Websites slow with cloudflare

I have several domains under my account (eg: and since a while the website loads SUPER SLOW while the small orange cloud is activated through cloudflare, when disabled, it runs fast.
I talked to the hosting company (globehosting) and they said that the railgun routing is working erroneosuly, its routing through london and its not ok that way.
Could you help me fix this?

There’s a bunch of .js files that have cache-control set to no-cache, no-store. And they’re getting 524 responses. Others just aren’t being cached, and I’m not sure why (attaching screenshot). It also points to a railgun problem.

As far as the routing, I don’t know where your site is hosted, and how they’re testing routing. I believe railgun is supposed to maintain an always-on connection to the nearest datacenter.

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