Website's pictures can show

When we change the DNS to Cloudflare , our website’s pictures can not show , what is happened, would you please help me to see it .


Please have a look at the error log in your browser: (blocked:mixed-content)

Please change the URL of the pictures to HTTPS and install a SSL cert on your origin. That will solve the problem.

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thanks friend, we will check and let you know if is it ok.

we did it and it is OK now , but i do not know why if we do not install the SSL on our origin serve, we used the Cloudflare SSL , it is not working. thanks

Once you added Cloudflare, it will add one instance to your request chain and provides one SSL cert. But the SSL cert from Cloudflare is just for Client to Cloudflare requests. The connection from Cloudflare to origin is still unencrypted and therefore unsafe.

understanding and many thanks for your help …

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