Websites Not Opening on Windows System [Redirecting]

3 of my website is redirecting to this suddenly from two days.

After turning off clourflare from one of the site and pausing it it seems to be ok now. What is the issue with it?

You have some rule set to do this, check Audit Logs to see who and when were this set if you didn’t.

Change your password If you didn’t set those rules and then pass through all possible rules to see where they are set.

Do note this might be (and it’s more probable) on the server side, as well, so you might not see anything in Cloudflare.

Yes someone has set a redirect rule from Cloudflare. My account was accessed from somewhere in Russia.

@sayandutta29031995 Make sure to take these necessary steps:

Where was your redirect set? Page Rule?

Was it via the API or the dashboard?

Via Page Rule. I think it was via dashboard.

This issue was raised a while ago - we’re just awaiting Cloudflare response at this point. Have you heard anything from them directly by chance?

No not yet

You should have received a communication from Cloudflare about the incident - @sayandutta29031995

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