Websites not loading on https - the site can't be reached, refused to connect


Hello all,

I am using the Cloudflare free plan for SSL encryption for two websites. Since I activated the service and changed the DNSs to Cloudfare, I am experiencing the following problem: the websites are not loading all the time, sometimes on Google Chrome they are loading, but on Mozilla Firefox not, sometimes they are loading on both browsers and after a while they don’t load on any of them. I’ve tried on multiple laptops with different IPs and it’ the same. It seems like a random thing, but my main curiosity is why, in the same time, they are loading on a browser, but not on the other.

Did anybody experience such problem?



Can you provide more information about the exact error you are receiving?


Sorry, please check attached picture. This is in Google Chrome


Hmm… both sites load just fine for me. Can you confirm that your DNS is resolving to an IP address that begins with 104.x.x.x and that you don’t have a local host file entry for the domain(s).




@cscharff can u help me

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