Websites not loading - DNS error?

These 3 sites show a page load error. I have triple checked DNS in my registrar + checked page rules etc… no idea.

Yesterday I set up a batch of 10 sites, all with the same settings. For some reason these 3 are not working while the rest are.

Please help!

All three sites serve identical error pages from your origin serve. I suspect if you toggle those sites from :orange: Proxied to :grey: DNS Only, you will see the same error page.

Once your pages are serving correctly from the origin, they should also work from Cloudflare.

Yes it still has same error page regardless of Proxied or DNS Only.

Can you please clarify what you mean about serving correctly from origin? Registrar points to CF nameservers, from here it is not working. Seems to be a CF error

The fact that it doesn’t work with the Cloudflare proxy disabled :grey:, indicates that the problem is not with Cloudflare, but lies with your origin site. Your site needs to be working properly on your webserver before you can expect it to work when proxied through Cloudflare :orange:.

Do you have support from your web host or a trusted third-party that can help you diagnose the cause of the underlying error at the source? Once you get the site(s) working on :grey:, they should work on :orange:.

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