Websites nameserver

Hi, I would like to ask if the IPs of the ddns/nameservers assigned to my domain always remain the same or do they change randomly? I ask this because in my management system I have the possibility to insert only numeric format so in my case with nameserver (as an example) “” I am forced to insert it as; I hope I was clear, thanks

They very rarely change.

There’s absolutely no reason that IP addresses matter when adding name servers to your domain registration, and therefore shouldn’t matter in the least if they ever do change. The management system shouldn’t even be asking for them in the first place.


thanks, unfortunately I have to enter them in numeric format as my interface only accepts numeric format and not name

Where exactly are you entering these IPs?

The parent zones must publish hostnames, so it cannot be at your registrar.

I know that the it. registry asks for nameserver IPs, but the request is made in conjunction with the nameserver hostnames.

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