Websites like ChatGPT blocked by CloudFlare with "Access restricted"

Hello folks,

I’m here opening this topic because I’m losing my mind trying to track what appears to be a silly issue.

For some reason, I can’t access some websites like ChatGPT without getting blocked by Cloudflare with the error “Access restricted”.

I already tried to clear my cookies, use different browsers (with and without incognito mode) and also a premium VPN like ProtonVPN. None of that worked. I confirmed the issue is not my ISP because I can access with my Windows PC and also my iPhone works fine. I’m suspecting the MacAddress of my laptop is the issue.

I also confirmed that date & time of my laptop is synced. I cleared all the browsing data including cache and cookies. None of it work.

Have anyone here ever experienced an issue similar to this? I appreciate any input.


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Your administrator has implemented Cloudflare Zero Trust and this is being blocked by their DNS filtering. You will want to contact them regarding the reason for the block.


I did have the ZeroTrust client installed on my Mac to access a customer environment, but that wasn’t running during my tests.

Surprisingly, when I connected ZeroTrust, updated the client, then tried to run, it obviously didn’t work, however, when I disconnected and tried again using incognito mode, it worked.

I have no explanation for this but I’m happy it’s apparently resolved. Thank you sir!


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