Websites distributed by cloudflare pages are not searched by Google as page titles

I have several sites using Cloudflare pages functions.

However, copy the subject that is exposed when searching site:
If you paste it into Google and search it, it won’t be exposed at all.

Why does this only happen when using Cloudflare pages? Or how can we solve it?

this is my site domain →

The screen shot is in Korean, but it’s the result of pageinsights, so 93 points on the right is SEO.

I don’t feel like my SEO settings and contents are poor. Even though I have more data than SPA services that only show images, my site is still indexed and not searched.

Hi there, sorry to hear about this.

In your websites Security > Events view on the Cloudflare dashboard, do you see any failing requests from Google?

No, then the page wouldn’t have been indexed, would it?
There is no problem with the request or connection and the index itself.

Unlike other services, only sites distributed through Cloudflare pages seem to receive low score for keyword search.