Websites blocking WARP+ users (Wikipedia editing, Google challenge, etc)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen more and more websites blocking me when using WARP+. Google sometimes (not often) requires a CAPTCHA in order for me to search. Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia sites block all editing even from signed in users. MyChart, a medical records patient portal used by CVS and a ton of hospitals (click a state here for a list) blocks “due to possible security threats”. (domain registrar) does the same.

Most of that just comes with the territory when anonymous users can connect through a VPN. Is there any possibility of using “trusted” IP blocks for known (i.e. paying) users?

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Right after posting, I got blocked by

“The IP Address you’re using comes from a bad group of IP Addresses; we’ve had so much trouble with it that we’ve blocked the entire range. We’re sorry if you got caught in the crossfire. We routinely block web hosting companies and VPNs because they generate too much “bad” traffic. Occasionally some ISPs send so much bad traffic that we’re forced to block them entirely.”

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Thanks for reporting this @user1291 , I created internal tickets to track the issue