Website www-version is not working

My site ( is set up for non-www. Before I used Cloudflare, would automatically go to mteqani_com (this forum won’t let me put in more “links”) in a browser.

With Cloudflare, the non-www version is working fine, but the www version gives “Server not Found - Hmm, we’re having trouble reaching that site” in Firefox, And another some Errors in other browsers like Google Chrome (SSL ERROR)

If I paused the Cloudflare, website works fine… If I enabled it, Website not working.

Any help please… thanks in advance


Thank you for asking.

When I try to open I get:

Seems like you didn’t had an www prefix domain name in your current SSL certificate? :thinking:

By checking the domain nameservers, I can see you are using Cloudflare Integration through the SiteGround:

If so, kindly I’d suggest you to write a ticket and contact SiteGround support for assistance with this.

Nevertheless, may I ask if the A www or CNAME www DNS record(s) (hostname) exists when you navigate to the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name? :thinking:

If not, you could add it or edit existing one following the step-by-step instructions from articles below:

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