Website working but 403 Forbidden?


I make a curl -I and receive a 403 forbidden answer

What does ths mean ?

Is this ok for SEO and website reputation ?

Is it easy to transform in “200 ok” and how can I go bak to that ?

Thanks for your time and help

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Appears to load fine.

You seem to have some user agent filter on your server, which blocks cURL requests.


You do have a security issue however.


No, it is not OK for SEO of your website. any status error code effects the SEO of the website. However it can be fixed when you fix the error. If you get error on special pages that are not important for you, one quick fix would be redirecting those pages to home page using redirect.

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@hst, there is no SEO issue. The site is loading fine, the actual issue is the missing certificate.


Yes, I visited the home page successfully but i wanted to note him that having 403 , 404 or other status error codes impact SEO of any website.

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Sure, if you don’t serve the desired content, there naturally is a probability that search engines won’t index it :wink: but that shouldn’t be the case here. cURL is blocked for whatever reason and the site is not securely configured.


Now we think (!) = we do not renew the godaddy certificate …
We thought that Cloudflare free ssl will be sufficient

Now, what are the options ?

Is it possible to destroy the goddady certificate and use the auto-declared Cloudflare SSL ?

Thanks for your rich, nice and free support

I am afraid it is not.

Renewing the existing certificate or getting an Origin certificate from Cloudflare. The previously linked article has all on that.

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