Website won't work without www

Hi, I just need help knowing how to make my website work without the www. I am no techie, so some easy instructions are very much appreciated!

domain is

You havent set up a DNS record for your naked domain. Create an A record for “@” and point it to the same address as your “www” host.

ok, thanks Sandro. I am such a novice with this, it’s embarrassing. So I just tried with the type as A, name as @, and then the value the same as the www one. But it says I need to put a valid IP address in. I don’t know how to find that

Is the “www” record a CNAME by any chance?

yes, sure is

The naked domain typically shouldnt be a CNAME (though Cloudflare works around that with “flattening”) but if you dont have the IP address create a CNAME record for “@” with the same value as “www”.

Ok, that works, thank you so very much! I appreciate it. Anything I should do long-term to rectify it or is doing it this way ok?

Should be okay.

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Ok, thanks again. Have a great day!

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