Website won't work on windows

Successtrack .com
Succeesstrack .com
I made these websites a a few months ago and hosted in cloudlfare, I never had an issue with them until a week a go where they began to work on windows computers (but seem to work on everything else) any thoughts on how this may be fixed?

Your site on Windows is redirecting to and from there to another URL. There’ve been several similar cases recently, and to the best of our knowledge these are all cases of compromised accounts. You can search for redirect in this Community to see previous cases.

Please check your Cloudflare account’s Audit Log and search for any redirects created by an user that is neither you nor Cloudflare. Remove them and any other activities created by these accounts.

Then change your Cloudflare password, enable 2FA, and close any sessions besides your current one.

It’s also advisable to perform similar actions with your account in the email provider for the email address you use with Cloudflare.


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