Website wont open on Optimum

I’m facing a perplexing issue with my website and I’m hoping someone can lend a hand or share their experiences. It seems that I’m unable to access the website from my home or office computers under Optimum Internet service. I’m curious to know if others using Optimum have encountered the same problem. I also Found if i chnaged the setting in Chrome from “With your current service provider” to anything else my site works, I caled Optimum many time and they just say " we dont block website" Im not sure what else to do at this point

What is the error you see in the browser?

When i change the setting in Chrome from With your current service provider to any other DSN it works

Have you compared the results of DNS lookups from a provider that works and the one that doesn’t? You should be able to test from the command line using dig or nslookup.

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Thanks for that info. This is all new to me so this might sound like a dum question but how to i get to the command line :thinking:

If you are using macOS, open Terminal.

If you are using Windows… Well I have no idea as I haven’t used Windows in a long time.

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That depends on your operating system. The following guide is good if you are on Windows.

Yes using windows

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