Website Won't Load Properly After Transferring Away From Godaddy

My domain name ( worked well while my domain name was registered with GoDaddy until I transferred my domain name away from them to NameCheap. Now I’m seeing that my website doesn’t load properly when I or others visit it. After I went into my Cloudflare DNS page, I noticed a line that pertained to Microsoft Office that GoDaddy must have inserted in my DNS. I deleted one line, and I don’t know if there is anything else I need to delete and/or add. I think GoDaddy didn’t clean up after I left. Can anyone help me?

Hello david,

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Did you transfer just the domain or the hosting alongside?

I see your dns is resolved by Cloudflare and its working fine.

Are there any lines in my DNS that need to be dropped or changed to make it faster and to make my home page load completely when visiting it? Some of my photos are not appearing unless you refresh the page which makes me think that GoDaddy still has a strangle-hold on it.

Thank you, Neiljay!

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I’m seeing a request to return a 200 status code but no image (even though manually going to the image at succeedes).

Assuming is actually intended to point to AWS Cloudfront then it’s not a DNS issue: is there something else that you might have changed around that?

Specifically, this one: link

@david29 You’ll have to forgo any dns registry if that is not necessary.
Since its a matter of some images that do not load, please try purging the cache from the hosting panel. Use the same in Cloudflare dashboard and check it out. Purge cache · Cloudflare Cache docs

@mcfadyeni Its a response code. That’s working correctly and its not a DNS issue.

I know it’s not a DNS issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

What I’m saying is that the reason the images are not loading is nothing to do with DNS, the image is not being returned in the response even though there’s a 200 status code so nothing is rendered (and images appear broken).

Oh… I got you!

Would you cross check the source file. Coz, its says its rendered

If you go to the link (I got it from the site directly, from one of the not-loading images) it’s not rendered at all: it’s an empty PNG, unless it’s just me and something is wrong with my browser?

Do you see an image at all?

Did you check the URL?
After image/ rendered

What’s that about?

That is the URL of an image renderer I would assume, similar to Image Resizing in that you provide some parameters and it takes the source image, resizes and/or adds text, and returns it. In this case it doesn’t seem to be working.

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That’ quite interesting. I’ll see through if I get some update on that. Drop some, if you get any. Thanks :+1:

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Neiljay, I hit the Purged Everything button on the Caching Configuration page. Now I’m getting only the attached.

No what do I do??


Everything seems to be working for me.

Can you try clearing your browser/OS DNS cache (it’s browser/operating system specific so you’ll need to Google it) and then using an Incognito Window? This is likely a case of DNS cache where your browser is still caching the old GoDaddy IP.

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Thanks for your suggestion! I swapped out some photos for the slide show on the home page, and that seemed to resolve that problem. Earlier this afternoon I hit the Purge Everything on the Cloudflare Purge Cache page. I don’t know how long it takes for Cloudflare’s servers to fetch info from Fine Art America and Pixels, but here is what is showing on Firefox (latest version on my Mac with its browser cache and cookies cleared. The collections below the slideshow are blank.

Any other thought?

Thanks, Mcfadyeni!


Hmm. All photos are working for me, including the ones below the slideshow (I’m on Chrome though).

Cloudflare shouldn’t be caching any resources from external domains like unless they have Cloudflare enabled themselves. The only thing I can think of is that your browser is caching the images, not Cloudflare: can you try clearing your normal browser cache?

I think I got this problem resolved. After purging everything in Cloudflare’s cache a few hours ago, I cleared Safari’s and Firefox’s browsers cache. Then I shut them down. In my Mac preferences, I deleted cookies from GoDaddy, pixels, fine art america, and my own website. Then I reopened the two browsers, and everything seems to be OK now. I was determined to get this resolved, and I really appreciate your help, Mcfadyeni, with your great suggestions and attention to this “bug” I was experiencing. Thanks to Neiljay for his early suggestions as well!

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Thanks @david29 for the update. :smile:

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