Website won't delete!

Hello.I had deleted this domain ( for many times but it won’t delete completely! It comes back after a hour to my websites list again! Any solutions? Thanks a lot.

Hi there,

That sounds very strange - I would recommend checking your Audit Logs to understand what could be happening - Review audit logs · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

  1. Do you see an Audit event for you deleting it?
  2. Do you see one for it being re-added? - Is it being re-added by a different IP address to the one you are deleting it from?
  3. Is it the same email account being used etc?

These are questions, I would start with to try understand whats happening here.

Hope this helps

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Thank you. I see the audit log as you say. After Delete level > tls settings deployed by cloudflare > Add > pending > Crypto change setting by my email and then tls settings deployed by cloudflare and at the end Crypto change setting again!! How? I didn’t do them! I think after these levels, the domain come back to my websites list! I deleted it for at least 10 times !!!
Also, The registrar of the related domain has stopped working and i can not delete it from there!

when a zone is added to Cloudflare there are some automatic actions that will take place (eg. setting TLS/Crypto settings etc)

You should be looking for the ‘Add zone’ event.

Do you see a different IP address adding the zone to the one you are deleting from?


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Yes. My IP of delete zone is IPv6 but the add zone is an IPv4 that i know it’s not mine!

In that case, I would advise following this guide - Secure compromised account · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

This should change your credentials and secure your account, if there is another person/service that has access to re-add your zone.

Hope this helps!

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2FA is enabled before and now i change my password and again delete that domain. Also there is no strange sessions ! I’ll see what happen. Can Cloudflare access to my account and fix this problem ? I think it can be better !
Sorry for my bad english.

Hi there,

the Add zone event, it should tell you if it was done via the UI or API.

If via the API - Have you rotated your API keys, and ensured there is no API tokens created?

We are not permitted any changes on your account, we would need to guide you to resolve it, or identify the problem. If your still having an issue after checking the API information above and making those changes, then I would recommend creating a support ticket, and we can discuss there as we could need to be able to discuss more specific details of your account.


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I deleted API keys and domain again last night and it won’t come back yet! I’m waiting to see what happen. I hope it has been fixed by your advices.Thank a lot.