Website without www isn't working. I need some techie help!

CNAME www is showing the orange cloud. What an I missing?
Without the www, the base of my website is still going to my old website. When I contacted my host, they said it was a Cloudflare issue.

Did you Update the DNS record dir you root domain as well? Check If it points to your old website or server.

I’m sorry, you’re going to have to dumb it down for me lol.
I use bluehost & I currently have both of the name servers updated to Cloudflares

On the DNS tab do you have an entry for ‘www’ and an entry for your base domain name like the image below?

If you are happy to share you domain name here somebody will be able to check a few things.

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Here’s what I have. Are these the correct ones?

Try and follow the guide on this page:

(Section: Common Domain Issues - 4.)

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Thank you! Done. I’ll give it a few to see if it works.

Now my website it’s working at all. With or without the www :frowning:

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