Website with only AAAA record shows IPv4

I have a subdomain with only AAAA record, that shows the visitor’s IP address.
If both IPv4 & IPv6 are found, it should only show the IPv6, but it shows the IPv4 address even though it does not have A record. How do I fix this?


Hi @ninja723,

If an AAAA is proxied (orange cloud), Cloudflare will automatically add an invisible A record to allow IPv4-only clients to connect. Similarly, if an A record is proxied, Cloudflare will automatically add an invisible AAAA record to allow IPv6-only clients to connect.

The only way to prevent this, as far as I know, is to disable proxying for the DNS record (grey cloud).


Similar to what @albert said, Cloudflare has to send your visitors its own IP addresses, which support both IPv4 and IPv6. A client connecting to Cloudflare might connect through one of either of them. If a customer connects through IPv4, it’s impossible to get their IPv6 (if they have one) and vice versa.

If you really want to only get the IPv6 address, you’d need to add a DNS-only (grey clouded :ngrey:) record that only has an IPv6 listed and let your visitors connect to it. This will prevent a lot of users from visiting your site though, as lots of internet providers do not support IPv6 yet globally.

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