Website way too slow


Moved last night to cloudflare, we were expecting some more traffic, however, with only 35 concurrent users the site is very slow.

My Site is
This is my VM performance.

what can be causing such slow performance?


Your server takes a long time to generate HTML. Cloudflare does not cache page code by default because it is frequently dynamic content.

I’m going to guess you don’t have a Page Caching plugin. Something like W3TC is good:

Personally, I use WP Fastest Cache:

Ultimately, the slowness lies with your server. Nothing Cloudflare can do is going to speed this up, as it’s a dynamic site. At best, you can speed up content for non-logged-in users with the aforementioned plugins, or this approach:

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The first line (HTML) of you page takes over 10 seconds to load, and almost 10 seconds to negotiate SSL. Subsequent slow requests also have a long SSL negotiation time. Also, the yellow highlights on the chart mean redirects, see if you can avoid them. Please see:

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