Website was disabled by us on aws

Hi - We disabled ec2 instance for our website as we are working on a rebuild of the website and in the meantime, we find that when I go to our website url, instead of not loading a page (because we have paused the ec2 instance), a name called “Ignite” pops up and at the bottom it says copyright owned by “Harman International.” Ignite and Harman are NOT related to SkillSoniq and we STILL own the domain thru godaddy. Can someone guide us on whether the page we re seeing has been put up by Cloudflare?

By default, EC2 public IPv4 addresses are ephemeral. From their documentation:

We release your instance’s public IP address when it is stopped, hibernated, or terminated. Your stopped or hibernated instance receives a new public IP address when it is started.

So here’s my theory – and it’s only a theory:

  1. Perhaps your EC2 instance had the default ephemeral IP which changes according to the quoted text above, and not an Elastic IP address which wouldn’t change

  2. Since you “disabled” your instance, that IP address got detached from your EC2 instance and may been assigned to someone else’s EC2 instance

  3. But your domain’s DNS record is still pointed to the same IP address that is now associated with someone else’s EC2 instance, and not your own stopped instance

The end result would be what you’re experiencing: your domain loading a site which doesn’t belong to you.

That’s only one possibility, albeit the most plausible one I can think of.

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