Website Waiting time is MASSIVE



I have CloudFlare and WP-Rocket working in my Website. What is happening after testing it using Pingdom Website Speed Test is that the waiting time for my website to load is MASSIVE. It was not like that before. I believe something is wrong. It was loading about 2.87 seconds, sometimes less than that.

Any suggestion on how I can improve the website´s waiting time?

I would appreciate any help!

Thank you so much in advance!


That is typically a Wordpress issue. Your setup probably needs some optimisation in this regard.


Thank you for your reply.

Do you know what type of WP issue it is so that I can contact my host which is Hostgator? What type of optimization do you suggest doing?

Thanks again!!!


It’s likely due to some plugin causing huge loading times - try running something like P3 to see what plugins are taking the most loading time.


Thanks Judge. I will do that straight away! One thing. The plugin is very old. Is there any similar plugin which is more up to date?


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