Website visitors unable to see images in Safari


Visitors to my website ( are unable to see images in Safari 12.0.3 (and possibly other versions). I don’t have on Rocket Loader and I turned off Mirage. Caching set to standard. Any suggestions? I’m at a loss.


I think it’s a CSS problem, but can’t pinpoint it at the moment. The images flash briefly, then go away.


I found the problem, although it was an oddball. From this post: CloudFlare serving WebP to FireFox when Polish is off, images do not render. I ran curl -I on a couple of images and verified they were being served as WebP even though I had turned Polish off entirely and cleared my cache. I turned mod_pagespeed off, cleared the cache, Safari users could see my images again, and images were being served as they should be.

I was surprised I didn’t take more of a speed hit - I know most of my content is being served off the CDN, but I still thought I might get dinged. I’m actually doing better at GTmetrix than I was prior to disabling mod_pagespeed.

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