Website very slow after making purge

my webstite very slow after making purge
it’s result :((


If it’s slow after a purge, then your server is not responding quickly enough to serve the requests. The home page HTML takes at least six seconds to load, so it’s definitely the server that is slowing your site down.

before purged, inspected chrome analytic website. I saw JS and CS minified under cdn cloudfalre. but after purged there’s no js and cs minified, just cs and js combine from my server. is it normal or not. or maybe i have made a mistake procedur for purge on cloudflare.
how can we know that our js and cs been minifed by cloudflare and working…regards…

screenshot attached my website :


Cloudflare only minifies JS and CSS when it’s in the cache. So after a few visitors and your content is cached, visitors will get minified JS and CSS.

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so it’s not appear on website source code sir… thanks for the answer

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