Website verify if my connection is secure infinite loop

Google Translated from Portuguese

Hello, I’ve been having a problem with a website that keeps “Checking if the website’s connection is secure” endlessly, but this doesn’t always happen. Let’s say it happens 80% of the time I try to access the site and it can come back or stop working anytime.
I’ve already tried Anonymous Tab in Chrome, Opera and Edge… I’ve tried VPN, Delete cache, cookies, guest username, disabling extensions, but none of that seems to have any effect.

However, I managed to detect that the problem is specifically on my computer, as I have already installed a virtual machine and a cell phone emulator and on both the website works perfectly and never checked the connection for more than 5 seconds.

Website: [](
The problem only occurs in /login, in everything else I can browse smoothly

oh, i forgot to add some ray id’s… idk if this is necessary or help.

Ray ID: 80c0b6b79b08a4dd
Ray ID: 80c0b8b7bc384d41

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