Website URL getting rejected


I have not regiistered my website with Cloudfare but each time I try to activate it on my host, it reports the website has been registered.

I logged in to my dashboard to confirm if the website has been registered and No website has been registered by me.

I would really love to improve my site speed and performance, kindly help out with a solution.

What domain?


That site seems to have some history on Cloudflare with bluehost until a few months ago,

If you don’t recognize the change from bluehost nameservers to siteground nameserver, you may want to contact your registrar to determine the cause. Perhaps the best route would be to add the site directly to cloudflare and then change the nameservers to those assigned by cf to your account.

Yes, I changed from Bluehost to Siteground some months ago.

I have change the nameservers to siteground. How do I go about restoring it, I mean what do I need to do to enable it on siteground.

I’d start by contacting your domain registrar and having them reset your nameservers, that will move it away from any account where it may be currently active. After that, you can add it via the partner/change the nameservers to those provided by the partner.

Beyond that, you can still

Thank you.

I will prefer you assist in contacting the Host providers so that I can activate it on SiteGround

I’d like to assist however possible, but the host would hopefully not allow me to take action on a domain I don’t own, nor can we make any configuration changes to your account. Sorry.

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