Website updates on desktop but not on mobile devices

Hi all

I am busy updating my website, and the updates show on desktop but when I try to view my website the updates won’t show on any mobile device.

I cleared the cache, I deleted my browsing history on my phone and restarted it and nothing seems to make the updates show on mobile devices.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I can do to try and solve this issue?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Oops sorry!

Loads for me.


What exactly does not work?

Images I uploaded are missing on mobile but show up on desktop

They seem to be just in a different order, right? That would be design related.

If not, can you post a desktop and mobile screenshot of the same page and point out what is missing?

The food image is missing on mobile but shows on desktop, and some wedding images show on desktop but not on mobile

But can you see the food image of the bread on your phone?

I can.

Damn okay, well it is good! I wonder why I can’t see it then. I deleted the browsing history restarted my phone everything and I can’t see changes on my phone. Thanks though

Can you perhaps send me a print screen of it on your phone? If you don’t mind

Looks OK here.

Thanks for the info guys. So it seems that a lot of people can see the updates on mobile devices, so I am curious to know why would you think i am not able to see any changes on my phone. I cleared the browsing history, restarted my phone many times, updated to the latest IOS, tried different web browsers and nothing seems to work. So I am curious to know to know how am I going to fix this issue, is it a problem with my phone itself, should I maybe contact Apple or my service provider or what could the issue possibly be?

I am really frustrated because half of me says screw it and just update the website anyway and who ever doesn’t see it including me bad luck but then again I don’t know how many people that would be and it sucks if people can’t see my work.

So any help would be appreciated…

You don’t have a Desktop and a Mobile website. It’s the same exact website - but it can change it’s display based on the browser’s width. If you use a desktop and make the window narrow, it will look like a mobile site. This is called a “Responsive Layout”.

Try a different browser on your mobile device. Like Firefox. It’s the least nutty about caching and gives you better controls over it.

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