Website "unresponsive" in Google Chrome

My domain is “unresponsive” i Google Chrome but seems to be working fine in Safari and FFox?

Here are my settings:

Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is: Flexible
SSL/TLS Recommender : ON

# Edge Certificates

*, paidsocial (Universal) Status: Active. Exp. 2023-08-13
*, paidsocial (Backup) Status: Backup Issued Exp. 2023-08-13

Total TLS: OFF

Always Use HTTPS: OFF

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) : Not Enabled

Minimum TLS Version : TLS 1.0 (default)

Opportunistic Encryption: OFF

TLS 1.3 : ON

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: ON

Certificate Transparency Monitoring : OFF

Disable Universal SSL: NOT Disabled

# Client Certificates

Cloudflare Managed CA : active

# Origin Server

Origin Certificates

Hosts : *, (2 hosts)

Authenticated Origin Pulls : OFF

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You are referring to the redirection loop, right?

That is because you unfortunately chose with Flexible an insecure legacy mode as encryption mode, which not only drops all encryption, but is also known for breaking sites. Change that to Full Strict.


Thanks Sandro.

I changed to Full (strict).

But still getting Unresponsive in Chrome unfortunately.

I cleared coookies.

Do I also need to purge in CFlare?

Can you post a screenshot?

Or did you mean the settings?

Oh, but that is a site issue and not a Cloudflare one. It’s best to contact your web developer about that.

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Ok its on gohighlevel platform - they said it was an CF setting :slight_smile:

I am afraid that is incorrect. There is an an issue with your site using too much CPU time, but this will be some JavaScript on your site and can only be fixed by the developer. The site is currently not even proxied, which means requests go straight to your server. Cloudflare only provides DNS here.

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Ok thanks for clarifications Sando.

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