Website unreachable on Verizon cell data

I setup a new domain on Cloudflare about a week ago, I’ve setup similar sites and and not run into this issue.

Everything is fine except when I try to access the site on my phone using cell data (verizon). I get a ‘server cannot be found’ message. If I use my wifi (charter) the page loads just fine. I’ve verified with other verizon users in other cities that they experience the same issue.

It seems like since its been almost a week, it can’t be a DNS propagation issue?

I just tried it on Verizon cellular data and it works fine for me. Nothing leaps out as being wrong, either…

Interesting… so not necessarily Verizon specific… maybe a regional issue? Still doing it on my phone, and several others in the same state (nebraska), does it on both iphone and android.

For what it’s worth, I’m in New Jersey right now, embarrassingly enough.

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