Website unreachable and irregular loading times

I have a Cloudflare Pages website built using Next.JS. I’m facing an issue where randomly my website becomes unreachable. It does eventually load but it takes abnormally long - 15+ seconds.

This doesn’t happen always but it’s reproducible every 1/5 times. Also, I am able to reproduce this from several different devices and browsers. My website is a very light and I checked that there are no errors in browser console.

I have run the Cloudflare diagnostics tool for any obvious issues like DNS loops, etc. I suspect that this is a DNS issue because once the site loads, further internal navigation is quick. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot further. Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks!

(Adding more details)

The website is

I purchased the domain from GoDaddy but it is now managed by Cloudflare by NS redirection. For what it’s worth, pings to “” are also flaky - I keep getting “Request timeout” messages consistently. But I’ve seen the website loading quickly even when ping is unresponsive and vice-versa, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on here.

Hey ,

I just saw your website and its loading fine for me


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