Website unreachable after pointing Cloudflare DNS

Our website has been unreachable since I pointed the Cloudflare DNS to Bluehost three days ago. I reached out to the Bluehost agent who confirmed that all settings on their end are correct and require no further updates. They advised me to contact Cloudflare support to check the DNS records setup.

When I attempted to revert the Bluehost settings previously, our website returned to normal. However, after pointing Cloudflare again, the issue has recurred (website unreachable). Could you please assist me in resolving this? Thanks a lot.

Here is the screenshot of my DNS records.

Remove the NS records for www as it’s causing it not to resolve (unless you really mean to delegate the nameservers for www, which I don’t think you do as you also have a CNAME for www).

Set the subdomains for mail, sip, lyncdiscover, autodiscover, email to “DNS only”, not “proxied”.

Not shown there, but you also have 2 SPF records, there should be only 1…



Thank you for addressing my issue. What I need to do now is remove NS records for www and update the mail, sip, lyncdiscover, autodiscover, and email records from proxied to DNS. Is that all? Also, could you please clarify the 2 SPF records? Which one should be present?

Thank you.

It depends from where you send email.

"v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: ~all"
"v=spf1 -all"

If you use Microsoft for your users (as your MX record shows), then the second one. The first one looks like it could be the IP address of your server. If that also sends email from your domain, you’ll need to combine these 2 SPF records into one.

Oh I see. I tried all your advice, and it worked. Our website is now active. Thanks a lot SJR.

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