Website unexpectedly & suddenly down

Last night, my website ( went down unexpectedly despite no changes being made on my end.

My site is hosted by Bluehost, but in investigating I’ve learned that Bluehost enabled CloudFlare on my site. Speaking with Bluehost’s technical support, they said they could only disable CloudFlare, but I don’t know if I want to do that.

In setting things up initially, I did have to make some changes to the DNS names, etc. to have my email routed to Microsoft’s Exchange server. Everything has been working without error for almost two years until last night. The only thing I can think of is that it is about two years from when I first signed up for my web hosting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When I resolve your domain, it does not point to Cloudflare anymore. Maybe these NS entries are still cached at your side and therefore you get routed to Cloudflare (where you domain/ZONE is not active anymore)

See: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Its not pointing to Cloudflare

Of course if you are not using Cloudflare anymore your performance will drop. That’s what you are expiriencing ATM.

I could recommend setting up your domain at Cloudflare directly, and not by going over any other Cloudflare partner. Then point your domain to the whished services. If a page is set up through a partner setup there is not much we can do here, as the Cloudflare Partner is controlling the setup.

Thanks, M4rt1n.

I don’t believe I ever had the NS entries pointing to Cloudflare, unless they were set that way initially by Bluehost. My website has been functioning without issue until last night and I haven’t made any recent changes to the NS entries.

Apologies if these are newby questions, but do I need to use Cloudflare NS entries to use Cloudflare through my host? I’m not sure why, but in setting up Microsoft 365 to function with my domain name, they suggested that I use their name servers. (Change nameservers to set up Microsoft 365 with any domain registrar - Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Docs)

Thank you again.

Yes I understand, thats the “problem” noone can really say what changed beside Bluehost. If you would have used Cloudflare without any partner setup it would be very easy to debug but like this just Bluehost knows what happened.

No on partnersetups or as enterprise customer you dont need Cloudflare’s NS.

You can use Microsofts as NS you AFAIK can also use Cloudflare as NS. But as I dont know your actual setup and am not too familiar with Bluehost I cant tell a lot about, sorry.

Last time I have set up MS365 I could do this with Cloudflares NS.


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