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My website keeps saying “Be back soon”, “This website is under maintenance, please check back tomorrow.” Bluehost support says it’s a problem with Cloudflare but with no customer service, I am really struggling to figure out why my website is no longer working.

It was working perfectly fine until I forgot to renew my hosting on Bluehost (I have since renewed it) and now the site is not working properly. Any ideas as to what could have changed or how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance.

  1. The maintenance website was cached.
  2. Your host is blaming the problem to somebody else.

If would be cool if you share the domain, otherwise we can’t tell you whether it’s 1 or 2. However, I can anticipate you that CF doesn’t add any “maintenance” or “be back soon” pages. ever.


Thanks for the reply. Exploreglobally .com is the website.


I’m not able to replicate the issue. I see this instead:

Hope that’s the correct version. What you see the ‘maintenance mode’ is a cached version as pointed out by @jnperamo

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Good to see it’s working for you. I am still unable to view .

As said before, you’re still seeing the cached version.

Try these:

Clear the browser cache
Try using incognito mode
Check using different device

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I deleted my cache on Chrome and it still shows up the same. Is there a different cache? (sorry i’m new to this)

Its usually connected to browser cached data. Did you try using incognito mode? You may flush DNS cache if necessary. You may google for more tips in this regard.

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Incognito doesnt work for me either. I believe it has something to do with DNS.

Did you try other devices? since the error is persisting only for you, its ought to be a local issue.

Try these:

Flush your system DNS
Reboot your modem

I have tried other devices. My traffic has also plummeted since the problem began. I am quite confused.

Should I change my Name Servers from Cloudflare back to Bluehost?

I would not change nameservers as it will cause increased delays in your troubleshooting. You can simply pause Cloudflare.

Have you cleared your Cloudflare cache?

Yes. I have cleared my Cloudflare cache. Is there certain DNS record that might have been altered when my hosting expired and never changed back when my hosting was renewed?

No DNS should have changed if you are using your own Cloudflare account. If you have some bundled Cloudflare offering that is part of your Bluehost package, you may need to ask them since that could behave differently.

Okay. I will call Bluehost again. When I have called before, they keep saying it’s a problem with Cloudflare.
Thanks for the help. I will report back what they say.

Your site seems to be using Ezoic, right? You may want to contact them instead of BH.


I just logged into Ezoic and saw that I hadn’t finished the last step in setting up Ezoic. Should I finish the last step in enabling Ezoic? Or should I try to delete Ezoic completely?

Thanks for all the help.

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