Website unavailable after NS switch!

Hey there!

Recently switched my Nameservers to Cloudflare ones but after 24+ hours downtime and some search on the web I found that and Cloudflare are not compatible.

Switched back to Strato Nameservers again and now nothing works anymore. URL not found

Do I have to rebuild my website from scratch now? Database is still there and having a look through Filezilla, all my files and plugins are also still there (I use Wordpress Hosting).

URL is

I don’t know much about strato, but when you added the NS servers, did you do it through strato’s panel or Cloudflare’s panel

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Did it through stratos panel when switching from stratos to Cloudflare and from Cloudflare to stratos. So both times through the stratos panel!

Then I removed the website from Cloudflare. I was thinking of adding the CF plugin to wordpress but unfortunately I can’t access my site at the moment.

Do you know why I can’t access my site even though I switched to my old nameservers?

EDIT: says that website is parked but no content has been uploaded. When I go to /wp-login it says url not found on this server…

What is the total time you’ve had while this has been going on? Like, from the point of where you switched to Cloudflare, then back to strato, how much time has passed?

When I switched from Strato to Cloudflare I let about 32 hours pass, then I switched back to Strato because it wasn’t working and since then a little less then 24 hours have passed.

I’ve read that it may take up to 24 hours for it to fully work but since a WHOIS returned Strato nameservers already and going to the URL says “Domain is parked. No content yet” I figured there might be an error?

Then it seems something is going on in strato’s, check to see if you have your A records and such in your strato panel

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Will resetting my DNS settings delete any of my files, content, css or anything like that? In short does DNS have anything to do with my website design?

Don’t want to lose all my work, last back up I did was a week ago and a lot of things changed since then…

A-Records and anything else is set to Strato Standard, I have the option to reset my DNS settings though FYI

EDIT: shows my content in a chaos but it’s available

DNS in general should have nothing to do with the content of the site, if you have questions about those things I suggest talking to Strato’s support, considering the the pages show up and all things seem to point to them. So its basically not in Cloudflare’s realm anymore.

I know, though Cloudflare has a strong community and great support, while Strato is just cheap and I’ve been waiting for a response from their side since the day before yesterday after switching to Cloudflare.

Anyway thanks for your help, let’s hope I can get this running or if anyone has a different solution…

EDIT: there’s a possibility to login in through what would be the worst that could happen if I do?

After talking to STRATO support they said that my domain still points to Cloudflares DNS Zone and that I should contact Cloudflare support about this…wtf

@cloonan @IotaSpencer

Depending on how you set your A record, there is no reason why CF is incompatible with Strato. If it is a caching issue, you can still use CF as a DNS-only service, so that you can eventually easily use things like your own mailservers etc.

For what it is worth, when checking through the DNS lookup tool at MXToolBox ( it shows that your site is using a Strato NS.

Have you verified that your computer or router is using a reputable DNS provider such as (Cloudflare) or (Google) instead of your ISP’s DNS? It is very possible that your ISP has as much as a 48-hour cache for DNS lookups…

For reference:

The IP address of the STRATO web server is not a fixed IP address but is changed at irregular intervals. The use of Cloudflare is therefore unfortunately not possible in STRATO’s STRATO Hosting Portfolio under the current conditions of Cloudflare. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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How would I do that?

When I go to my domain it says This domain is now reserved. As of now, no content has been uploaded.and shows Strato Page.

Problem was a redirect issue.

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