Website unavailable after changing Nameserver

Hi there,

i wanted to try out Cloudflare cdn. I switched the nameservers at my host to and

2 hours after i switched nameservers my website is down! already switched nameservers. Cloudflare says Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending).

My website really needs to be online, the manual says there will be no downtime while switching to Cloudflare.

What should i do now?

website is:

I used ssl certificate via before switching to Cloudflare. Should i turn that off at maybe?


I really need your help, thank you very much!



You’re receiving this because the SSL certificate isn’t yet deployed for your domain. I suggest you deactivate the Orange-cloud on the records in between.
Look at the SSL/TLS app to follow the SSL status for your zone and then reactive the proxy.

If the issue persists, please open a ticket at [email protected]

Hi Stephane,

you mean the ssl certificate from Cloudflare?

Did i understand you correctly, that i should turn off all orange clouds till the ssl certificate is activated and then try to switch them on again?

Yes, SSL certificate from Cloudflare, and yes, better to deactivate Cloudflare during the issuance of the certificate to avoid any outage on your end.

Ok i did, how long should it take till the website is active available again?

State is now “active” at Cloudflare summary!

SSL via Cloudflare is now Activated → Flexible.

This website is active on Cloudflare.

I switched clouds to orange.

But my website isnt available till now…

What to do now? DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool did show the correct nameservers from Cloudflare some minutes ago, now there red crosses everywhere…

I use Wordpress for my website, but i cant reach it anymore… Should i rename the NS to the standart ones from strato and change something at the wordpress backend before switching them back to the Cloudflare NS?

I switch back NS to origin NS of strato, because i didnt work until now. maybe i try switching nameservers back to Cloudflare again over night,

Update: Switched to Cloudflare Nameservers again and my website isnt reachable again…

SSL Full is active, Clouds are all orange, Status: Active at Cloudflare.

Nameservers where set correct at Strato, SSL is active at Strato…

Whatsmydns says no NS Servers found (red cross) DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

Help anyone?

Thank you for not responding via mail and supportforum…

PS: Website Speed Test | Pingdom Tools

Says everything is fine…

It looks like you don’t have DNS records here. Your DNS server is set properly (if those are your assigned name servers), but a ‘dig’ at john and kami turn up no DNS records.

Hey sdayman,

i was tired off not being helped by Cloudflare so i started switchting nameservers back to Strato ones. Thats the problem i had, whatsmydns never got the right nameservers, everywhere red crosses… But e.g. pingdom told me everything was ok and found right nameservers and so on. I dunno whats the problem why the page went offline after switching nameservers to Cloudflare…

Yes, I see you have a DNS server properly set. But you have no DNS entries in your Cloudflare account…at least according to lookups at and

Check the DNS tab here at Cloudflare for A or CNAME records.

I deleted the whole project to set it maybe new up over night, for a last call…So thats why there no records left at the moment…

I don’t think strato is compatible with Cloudflare as the customer service message at the bottom of this forum suggests.