Website unavaible via DNS, but ok on other networks

In the past week there have been several websites I’ve not been able to reach using the DNS

Unfortunately I didn’t keep a log of all these. I assumed last week that I was reaching a lot of websites that were down (assuming it was COVID related business closures).

But today I got a bit suspicous and started pinging the website from other sources, and was told that the site was reachable.

Today’s example is I got the error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I know this is not a website, but forwards to another website, but still… I defaulted back to my ISP DNS and i was able to reach the destination I wanted to get to.

Is there anything I’m not doing right on my side?

Hi, I didn’t see any issues with that domain. How do you connect to Can you try running a dig/nslookup to resolve the domain as in ?

I connect to through my computer (windows 10) dns setting (Ip v4). I’ve since stopped using as I had too many sites not resolving, don’t have the time right now to revert and run diagnostics for you. If it was better to change dns settings at router rather than device, I should do that instead?