Website not active (DNS modification pending)

I’ve read my way through the posts about similar issues and still have no solution. Most of the nameservers for our domain look good in my opinion. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong here? We switched to the new Cloudflare on 4.12. and rechecking since then is without result.

Your nameservers don’t appear to point to Cloudflare from the lookup I did, did you definitely change them to the Cloudflare provided ones at your domain registrar?

Yes. We changed them accordingly. Most of the lookups (i.e. via the link below) have already the right ones but we are still pending.

You changed them at your host, not your registrar. They still point to ns-serve. You will need to set them properly as @domjh already mentioned.

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should we change the SOA record as well? On the link below both NS servers look okay…

You only need to set the NS records and you need to do this at your registrar.

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As @sandro said, your nameservers are still set to ns-serve

Change them at your registrar.

Thank you very much. Will try to find our registrar with our hosting partner :slight_smile: because he is managing the domains for us and I thought it was actually the same…

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The whois does not show a registrar. I am afraid I am not familiar with German domains but I vaguely believe to remember that one might have to set that straight with the registry. Do you have an account with them?

Maybe @MarkMeyer can shed some light here :slight_smile:


Status: connect
Changed: 2016-11-10T08:33:55+01:00

Server Name: NS2.NS-SERVE.NET
IP Address: 2001:67C:2394:4:0:0:0:1001
IP Address:
Registrar: Vautron Rechenzentrum AG
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:

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