Website times out


I am on the Cloudflare free plan and for the last few weeks, my Wordpress website ( has been timing people out when accessing pages. My host is Bluehost. I have had issues saving pages and I get timed out when saving and exiting a page. This was fixed last week by a developer but now people get a message saying “Error trying to establish a database connection”. Coud this be because I am using Cloudflare and more specifically, a free plan? Is this to do with resources or memory with Cloudflare? Bluehost haveincrease the memory and have done just about everything to help but the issues still persist. They say that there is more than enough memory. Would you have any suggestions?

Going out on a limb, would need more info but first impressions are the following.

Since the error is database connection, is the data base exposed to the internet in a non https port? if so Cloudflare blocks traffic from non standard ports. ill leave a list of acceptable ports to see if this might be the issue.

Thank you so much for this. I will get my host to check this and see if the port issue is significant in solving this problem. Many thanks.