Website timedout

I did run diagnostic test on my domain, which has not given any output even after 30 mins.
My domain is not reachable. There has been no changes for more than a year. Since today I seem to face this issue.

Thank you for your statement. If you like us to help you, please ask a requestion we can answer or request help at a specific topic. If so, please always provide all info we would need to be able to help you, which there are:

  1. domain and URL to reproduce
  2. what error code do you exactly get and is it a Cloudflare related one?

The domain is https I am not able to put url here as your platform is not supporting.
The resources are not getting pulled when I try to open this url. There is no response or status code. Its just connection timed out.

Yes it is related to Cloudflare only as the domain is pointed to the Cloudflare name servers only.

Thanks, that was needed to debug it.


No. Your domain “” does not use any Cloudflare NS, see: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

These are not Cloudflare’s NS. These are the ones from Namecheap and when I call the page I also see a Namecheap landingpage.

So your page is not using Cloudflare at all ATM.

I could figure out the issue. The domain was in the expiry state and so is that it was not working.
On renewal of the domain its sorted.
The domain is connected to Cloudflare and is working as expected.


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