Website taken down


Our domain was deleted on May 15th with the following email:


The zone: ""](https://) in account: "[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])'s` Account" was deleted by Cloudflare on 2023-05-16T02:18:55.069922Z.

**If the zone was deleted by mistake, it can be re-added to reinstate existing configuration of the zone. To learn more, read Why was my domain deleted from Cloudflare? []**


The Cloudflare Team

The business that was operating this email is requesting our Business Improvement Area board to inquire if it can be returned to online status and what went wrong. Bill payments can be completed.

The attached link says it all. Check the doc:

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Thank you, I understand why it was deleted, however, can it be brought back online to the original configurations?

As the doc suggests, you’ll have to re add it.

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