Website Super Slow After Cloudflare Install

My Wordpress website ( is hosted locally in South Africa, with many clients browsing the site from the US. In South Africa, the site loads very fast, however from the US, when doing a GT Metrix test it is taking 40+ seconds to load, so I’m guessing the CDN hasn’t been incorporated properly. This is my first time using Cloudflare, so please advise.

When running a test using a VPN (with location set to the states), the site can sometimes take 20+ seconds to load, however with the VPN turned off, the site loads instantly.

I have installed the Cloudflare plugin for Wordpress and applied the settings, and my DNS settings are as follows, however I still don’t think any of my content is being loaded from the CDN. Is there a setting or something hat is wrong? What have I not done properly? (My nameservers pointed to Cloudflare over a day ago)

Your site content is very lean, which is fantastic. Most resources get a cache HIT after several visits. But it’s the pages themselves that are taking a long time because Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default. So my visit from Los Angeles takes a few seconds for your server to send me the page. A page-caching plugin, such as WP Fastest Cache, can help speed that up as well.

A great first step would be a Page Rule to Match: and a setting of Cache Level: Cache Everything. This will cache the home page, just as it does the other resources.

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