Website suddenly shows network connection

my website suddenly shows network connection. I know I removed the CDN on my website but suddenly it seems nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare again instead of Bluehost. It was working fine earlier…Not really sure what happened. Should I just change the value of the nameservers from my Bluehost dashboard?

If you want the DNS to be hosted on Cloudflare, the nameservers will need to be the ones given to you by Cloudflare that end
If you want the DNS to be hosted on Bluehost, the nameservers will need to be the ones Bluehost give you.
You will need to change nameservers on your domain registrar

thanks for the reply @eddiestech

I am no techy and I actually don’t know why this happened. I checked my old Cloudflare account and there was no wesbite linked as I know I have removed it before…but now this happens again. Was there a Cloudflare glitch going on now? Is there a way to check if my website is connected to CDN/Cloudflare?

First thing to check: are your nameservers set to
You can check at (change to your domain name)

this one:

Registry Domain ID 11351238
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.bluehost
Registrar URLwww bluehost

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