Website suddenly served long-distance (10.000km/6200mi)

Hi All,

We have been using Cloudflare (free) for our small Website since quite a while for speed and security reasons.

Since the weekend I noticed our website being very slow.
Today I checked /cdn-cgi/trace/ and this is what I got:

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:122.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/122.0

If I understand correctly suddenly our traffic is served from Singapore colo=SINwhere we a located in Germany loc=DE. That means more than 10.000 km (more than 6200 mi)

I did major changes at the website on Friday and for a while I switched to developer mode. But this setting back to normal since Friday.
Is there anything I could have done wrong? I don’t recall doing anything that I could have done that would route the traffic around the globe…

Hello, you did nothing wrong since you can’t force Cloudflare to use a specific PoP (In this case, SIN), the issue is somewhere else.

May I ask if your ISP is the Deutsche Telekom? If it is, please post your domain or ask a friend / colleague to test the connection from a network that isn’t owned by Deutsche Telekom. Do your visitors also experiencing performance issues on your website?

If you have a different ISP, please still try to test it from another.

Thank you!

I tried four different German providers (including Deutsche Telekom from my mobile phone and from a leased line), two DSL, one Fibre, one leased line, one 4G with all the same result:
The website was always served from a data centre several thousand kilometers away (I had USA, Pakistan, Singapore).
Also I tried accessing the website of a friend of mine who is also using Cloudflare’s CDN: All delivered from far away with over 100 ms ping time, all painfully slow.

For one of my sites I purchased Argo Smart Routing a few hours ago and a few minutes later it was served from a close data cantre (Dusseldorf and Frankfurt) and the site is blazing fast again.
So purchasing Argo Smart Routing seems to be the solution for this issue.

Another website on the same account is still delivered from thousands of kilometers away (at the time of writing this post: colo=EWR).
For the other site I did no recent changes.

I’m not sure what changed because in the past Cloudflare CDN was speeding up our site.
I am not in the position to complain because to far we have been using it for free. So our solution seems simple enough to purchase Argo Smart Routing for the second site.

But still, is there a temporay issue somewhere? Since it was working so great in the past.
Checking the service status on Cloudflare I can’t see any issues related to it.

You can find a summary about the reasons for this issue here from another user:

In a few words:

  1. This isn’t a technical issue, this is a business issue between CF and Deutsche Telekom (Though seems like you are experiencing this with other german ISPs, it’s possible that they are all doing this. You should have to test your site with someone outside of Germany. Or you could post your domain here so a non-german forum user can test it for you, but for me it’s absolutely seems like this is because of their agreement issues)

  2. You can fix it by upgrading the plan of your website to any paid plan (Including the cheapest Pro plan which only costs 20 USD / month if you plan annually, or 25 USD / month normally), since users on paid plans are getting better peering.

  3. This will eventually be fixed when those ISPs and Cloudflare make an agreement which we don’t know when will happen.


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