Website suddenly not reachable anymore - endless forwarding at Cloudflare

Hi Community

Suddenly, my website is not reachable anymore. Seems like to be an error on Cloudflare site because all my data are still there. No changes from my side were made. It worked pretty well until two days ago.

Now I get a 301 as you can see in the screenshot.

What I already tried:

  • I contacted my hoster and he told me that from their site everything works. It’s an endless forwarding at Cloudflare.
  • I cleaned the cache.

Thanks and best


First, at Cloudflare, set your SSL/TLS encryption mode to “Full (strict)”.

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It is. Never changed that:

Also the SSL certificates are OK:

Speedtest shows me this:

I just tested it with a transitional domain directly with the hoster and then it works. Where is the error at Cloudflare? :unamused:

Okay, so what’s happening is that your HTTP is redirecting to HTTPS, and HTTPS is redirecting back to HTTP. The most common thing that causes this is having the encryption mode set to Flexible when it shouldn’t be.

If that’s not it, there’s something doing a redirect from HTTPS back to HTTP, and whatever that is, it needs to go. Pause Cloudflare on the site and if it suddenly starts working then you know it’s at Cloudflare, and somewhere in your settings you’re doing something that causes a redirect from HTTPS to HTTP.


Hey there,

Sorry to see the trouble with the redirect loop. In checking a direct connection to the origin, I see that your server is redirecting HTTPS requests over to HTTP.

Best to check with your host why that is.


Hi guys, thank you so much! This solved my problem. I forced the hoster to forward to HTTPS all the time. I dont know why this setting was changed, because I did nothing. And it was strange, because the hoster told me, that it would be nothing from his side.

No it works again! Thank you very much :partying_face:


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