Website suddenly down and my emails not working

My site has suddenly gone down and my emails which are linked to the domain server via gmail. Please advise
123-reg sent me this message today:

Looking over the domain, this doesn’t seem to have any MX records added anymore so it’s not currently linked to any email provider → DomainDiagnosis - Diagnosis Details.

You’d need to re-add Google’s MX records to get the email services back up.

Regarding the website, you’d need to check why it’s not working with your hosting provider.

The domain itself is up to date at the moment and the DNS records are managed through Cloudflare so you could also check on Cloudflare’s end if any issues have come up.

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Hi @bakindoyin,

Your nameservers currently point to, not Cloudflare and you have Google Workspace MX records present.

You don’t currently seem to be using Cloudflare there.

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