Website & subdomains only work when proxied

Ok, so I have my website which is running on a webserver that is set up in a way where it can handle any subdomain automatically (regardless if whether there are files for it or not). So, for example you can go to and it will serve you the test1 site. Where as if you try to go to you get redirected back to the root domain because there arnt any files for that subdomain.
However if you try to go to the webpage wont load even though the files for it are all there. The only difference is that isn’t proxied on the DNS settings in Cloudflare.

My question is, why would Cloudflare’s proxy change whether my website could load or not? Because my understanding of it was that it just masked the root IP address and added some performance benefits.

I would really like to know why this is the case because I have a subdomain that I don’t want proxied, but at its current state wont even load, so I’m a bit stuck on what to do.

You do not have an SSL certificate on your server, that’s most likely the reason why it does not load and also means you have an insecure setup overall.

I’d suggest you fix that first.

Wouldn’t that mean that that http:// would still work?

It works for me.

% curl
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" dir="ltr">
		<meta charset="utf-8">
		<title>Testing subdomains</title>
		This is a test

Yes, HTTP will still work and it does.

You might have a propagation issue, in which case you’d simply need to wait.

Still, if you plan to use HTTPS you need to fix this on your server.

Huh so this is quite interesting. What I’ve found is that I cant access the domain because its not proxied. And I think this is because the request is coming from the same IP address as the response. Which makes sense as to why the other sub domains worked as not this one. Because the proxy that Cloudflare does inserts their own IP address in between so it all just works normally.
Since this seems to be the case, any idea on what I could do to fix this?

For starters, the IP address should not matter, unless you have some restrictions in place, which you might want to remove in that case.

Then, why would the request “come from the same address” in the first place? Are you hosting that locally and tried to access your public address internally? That might actually be a routing issue in that case as your router might not be able to handle that properly, but that would not be so much a Cloudflare issue and better discussed at a place like StackExchange.

Plus, you still don’t have a proper SSL setup.

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