Website stuck on loading only when Cloudflare CDN is enable

Hello, I’m having an issue where my website would get stuck on loading preventing me access to my website, the only solution for it to work is me clearing the caches on Cloudflare or repeating closing and opening new tabs trying to access my URL. Also I was previously getting a 403 Error on my website due to the fact that my website was hosted at Bluehost and I had Bluehost Cloudflare CDN activated there, I had to disable this for me to be able to access my website using Cloudflare on this new hosting plan at Hostinger but then this new problem started.

All of my other domains from different domain provider works fine on this Hosting Plan and this same Cloudflare account with the same settings except this domain. I’ve even tried to use this domain with nothing on the website and still got this issue. I think the problem is that Bluehost support didn’t properly remove my domain from their version of Cloudflare thus preventing me access to normal Cloudflare. Can someone help me with this please?

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