Website Stop Working After Activated Cloudflare

I successfully activated my custom domain website hosted on on Cloudflare, but ever since then my website has stopped working.

Without any detailed description you won’t get any useful answer.

Would you mind telling us the domain?
Any error message?

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The domain is it is hosted on blogger.
when I checked whois, i discovered that Namesavers have not changed to Cloudflare’s namesavers. but Cloudflare successfully activated.
because of the problem I have to changed back the namesavers to that of my domain registrar, so that my website can work again.
Please, I realy need to switch to Cloudflare.

Don’t switch your nameservers back and forth. This can make thing worse. It could take up to 48 hours until this change is fully propagated.

But shouldn’t lead into an outage as long as your current nameservers are reachable. Also make sure that all necessary DNS records are set on your Cloudflare dashboard. Usually CF does an auto discovery but you should double check them.

There is nothing else i could do, my website was down up to 24hrs.
I will be glade if you can help me set up my Cloudflare account, so that i can change the namesaver back to Cloudflare.

Did you walk through this?

Step two, ‘connect a non-google domain…’ and optional step three.

If not, folow Google’s instructions and wait 24 hours. After that, change your nameservers back to Cloudflare.

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