Website Still Unsecure

Ok I desperately need help setting up Cloudflare. Here are the steps I took, that failed:

  1. Bought a domain name (
  2. Parked that domain at
  3. Activated Cloudlfare via cPanel at x10hosting and added both DNS nameservers.
  4. In Cloudflare I activated Flexible SSL, Always Use HTTPS and Auto HTTPS Rewrites

That’s literally all the step’s I’ve done, did I miss something?

My current DNS nameserver’s aren’t Cloudflare’s because I’m testing something else but there were Cloudflare’s at the time.

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The only warning I see is from whynopadlock about having TLSv1 enabled.

To fix that, go to the Crypto settings and set Minimum TLS to 1.2 (1.1 is just about as old and useless as 1.0).

If you want more help…you’re really going to have to run your site through Cloudflare so we can dig deeper into any problems.

@sando should be along any minute now to let you know that as long as you use Flexible SSL mode, your site will always be unsecure.

My registrar just updated and it should now be running through Cloudflare. Still not working though. Will update the TLS now.

It’s Secure, but it’s using an iframe for a non-existent resource (parked page).

Ok, so how should I resolve that?

If all you want is a Parked Page, most hosts already provide one by default for your site. Or you can upload something of your own. has some, like these:

I’m trying to create a forum. That people can use, download stuff from etc…

I just want to setup Cloudflare for I figured I’ve done what I need to based off what I’ve read online but it isn’t working. You say

But I don’t even understand what that means or how to fix it. I don’t want to change my website, I simply want to make my current website secured so people can visit it with no issues.

What steps can I take to achieve that? As I mentioned in my OP, it parked my site at x10hosting so I could access by visiting

For now, go into the Cloudflare Dashboard’s DNS section and set those DNS entries to :grey:. And then get your site working. Once you have a working site, you’ll be ready to use Cloudflare.

Alright, I have done that… What should I do next?

And that’s the site you want to run for your domain? Probably not, so you really need to get your actual site up and running before you enable Cloudflare (:orange:).

What do you mean? Of course that is the site I want to use ( it’s literally the ONLY site I have mentioned wanting to use this entire time. It’s the only site that I have.

I want to be able to visit and have it work, with SSL, I seriously don’t know how to explain myself any clearer then that but you keep replying with very vaguely and it doesn’t seem like you care about trying to help me?

If I’m not giving you enough information to help, let me know and I’ll try to provide the info you need, I want to get this sorted more than anyone.

Below is what shows up when I visit your domain. It does not look look like what you have over at

I’d love to see you succeed. Really. But you need to have a functioning site at your domain before you jump into Cloudflare. Cloudflare starts as DNS for your domain, then acts as a proxy service to speed up and secure your existing site.

This is what I see when I go to

This is a phpBB forum that is installed on my server and currently running, I just can’t access it through

I’m also a little confused as to what the connection is between GoDaddy and x10hosting. Your DNS has “A” records with IP addresses that look like they belong to GoDaddy.

Will x10hosting let you set up a CNAME so can point to

Yes I believe so based off what I see here, what would I enter into those fields to make that happen?

Those are all settings to for running through Cloudflare. Still not as your own domain. I see this in their help section, but don’t know if it’s a free plan option:

For starters, they want you to use their name servers. This might be the best place to start just to get your site running. Then see if you can add Cloudflare.

Yeah when I originally added my own domain I had to change to their nameservers, I only removed them because I setup cloudflare for my domain and was told I needed to use CF nameservers instead.

So you think I should set them back to x10’s nameservers and go from there?

I was reading through your other thread about switching name servers. In that other thread, I never saw a working version of your site.

How about this: Change those “A” records here at Cloudflare. So get rid of the two A records that point to 50.63.202.x

Add the following “A” records at Cloudflare: points to
www points to

Those are the DNS settings X10 gave you at their name servers.

Should I delete the CNAME for www that is an alias of, it wont let me add www for unless I do

Go ahead and delete it. “A” records are easier to deal with.